Slow Fashion at Meshit: Online and at the multi-brand store in Vienna

meshit is a slow fashion label and multi-brand store from Vienna. Here you will find a fine selection of great brands that share the same values. With a focus on sustainability, high quality and contemporary design all of them follow an ethical and holistic approach. The Webshop offers you clothes for men and women, accessories and other goods like fragrances, soaps and candles.

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Handpicked Items

Unique pieces made from recycled natural materials

With the launch of LARICHA, meshit has added a customizable clothing line to their portfolio in cooperation with Katrin Schild. Working with dead stock and recycled traditional fabrics from Upper Austria, each LARICHA design can be personalized as per customer’s requirements. Exclusively hand-made at the Vienna studio, the project celebrates individuality and transparency.

Our Location

Situated in the heart of Vienna’s 7th district, the meshit multi-brand store combines both retail space and creative studio.

Combining opposites: Meshit's impressive design concept

The name refers (among other things) to the English verb “to mesh”, meaning to network, to mesh. Connecting and combining opposites is an important aspect of the design concept. In meshit’s collections, urban street looks mix with elegant classic shapes. Combining clean cuts with special details as well as combining wide oversized shapes and narrow silhouettes is also a recurring part of their work.

Buying slow fashion from Meshit means fair production and a focus on sustainability

meshit attaches great importance to fair production. With a focus on sustainability, each piece of meshit wear is designed and developed in Vienna.

Fair Production

While some items are still handcrafted in close cooperation with a small family owned-business and long term partner in the nearby city of Budapest, most meshit pieces are manufactured in Vienna.

High and sustainable quality

The brand offers high quality clothes that are considered, effortless, and timeless. Inspired by diverse cultural movements, the designs boldly play with ambivalences and norms, following the idea of merging contrasts.

After successfully showcasing designs at international trade shows throughout Asia, the US and Europe, meshit decided to turn its back on the fast-paced fashion cycle in 2018. Producing in small runs and projects rather than collections, allows the label to commit to an ethical and holistic approach.

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