meshit x kasa – 4973 St. Martin – Light Blue Check


  • size: Medium
  • unique piece
  • made from recycled bedsheets from upper Austria
  • 100% Natural fabrics (cotton)

Out of stock


“Laricha” is an old almost forgotten upper austrian word for bedsheets.

LARICHA is the name of the collaboration-collection between meshit and Kasa Schild.
It is a fashion collection, made entirely out of old upper austrian recycled bedsheets, and fabrics.
We find the fabrics at flea markets, through newspaper announcements or directly in the old remaining stocks of weavers in upper austria.
Produced exclusively in Vienna, Laricha is a transparent collection from the beginning to the end, made from recycled natural materials. The special thing is that almost every piece of this collection is unique, since only a certain contingent of each fabric is available.
If you like a certain piece or shape, and it is not available in your size or your favorite colour – please contact us, we are happy to make your own Laricha-piece!

This is the Laricha Instagram account – if you want to be updated about every new piece: @laricha_vienna

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