Ninfa – Balance Necklace


  • handmade bead made in two stages: first the center (what we worship), then covered and saved in a transparent heart.
  • Heart shaped bead is 100% handmade in glass.
  • You can see through it, and find a glass yin yang daringly placed in the centre.
  • Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel and Vermeil Gold findings

The good in the bad / The bad in the good ~ Life. 

In stock


All Ninfa products are handmade and therefore delicate.

For better conservation, do not spray directly with perfumes or cosmetics that can damage the metal. Do not shower with the piece on and avoid humidity, as exposure to moisture or chemicals may cause tarnishing to occur. When it is not used it is advisable to store it in a closed cloth bag.

Vermeil can be cleaned with a 100% cotton microfibre cloth.

Tarnished metal parts can be cleaned with special metal cleaners, contact us if you have any questions.

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