Pico, Ace Claw, Green Camou


  • Beautiful claw
  • Measure: H:4 cm W:8,5 cm
  • Material: Acetate
  • Nickel testet

Out of stock


Pico hair claws and clips are made from cellulose acetate.
Cellulose acetate is an Eco-friendly and plant-based material which consists of plant cells, it is found in cotton and wood when mixed with acetic acid and we get the material, which appears similar to plastic, we can use for our products.
Unlike plastic, acetate is easy and environmentally friendly to decompose.
Pico´s largest manufacturer is, as the only ones in China, ‘Global Recycled Material Certificate’ and Smeta certified, which ensures that the products are produced in recycled material under the best conditions to ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing and that we know that good working conditions are paramount.
Acetate is best known as the material used for spectacle frames because it is super strong, flexible and hypoallergenic. These benefits make acetate the perfect material to use in the manufacture of our hair accessories. Acetate is a more expensive material than plastic (acrylic), but it is in turn Eco-friendly and has an unsurpassed durability.
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